Official reports - Jul 2008

  •  Creative Bookkeeping Hides True UK Weapon Costs
  •  UK Faces Shortfall in Tactical Transport Aircraft
  •  The Case for a Carrier-Based Unmanned Combat Air System
  •  Too Many MRAPs Can Endanger Army Funding
  •  Boeing’s 20-Year Forecast of Airliner Market
  •  GAO: Intelligent Funding Can Improve Weapon Programs
  •  GAO Testimony on USAF Tanker Protest
  •  MPs Report on British Operations in Iraq and the Gulf
  •  Rand Analyzes Reasons for Arms Program Inflation
  •  MPs Report on Britain’s MoD Budget for 2008-2009
  •  UK’s MoD Pats Itself on the Back in Annual Report
  •  Britain Must Change Shipbuilding Plans to Retain Key Skills
  •  GAO Slams Pentagon Contract Audit Agency
  •  Quadripartite Report on UK Arms Export Controls
  •  Asian Military Trends and Their Implications for Australia
  •  AIA Reports on US Defense Modernization Readiness

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