Official reports - Mar 2000

  •  First Look: Force XXXI Combat Engineers AndThe Engineer-Bradley Fighting Vehicle (E-BFV)
  •  Gulf War Illnesses: Understanding of Health Effects FromDepleted Uranium Evolving but Safety Training Needed.
  •  The Private Finance Initiative:Contract for the Defence Fixed Telecommunications System
  •  UAV Lessons Learned from Operation Allied Force
  •  Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition:Development Schedule Should Be Changed to Reduce Risks
  •  Impact of Major Defence Projects:A Case Study of The ANZAC Ship Project
  •  F-22 Aircraft: Development Cost Goal AchievableIf Major Problems Are Avoided.
  •  Budget Options for National Defense
  •  Weapons of Mass Destruction:U.S. Efforts to Reduce Threats From the Former Soviet Union.
  •  Nuclear Nonproliferation: Limited Progress in ImprovingNuclear Material Security in Russia and the Newly Independent States
  •  Defense Transportation: More Reliable InformationKey to Managing Airlift Services More Efficiently

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