Official reports - May 2009

  •  UK Major Weapon Programs Report 2008
  •  Alternatives for Modernizing US Fighter Forces
  •  Review of UK Support to Operations in SW Asia
  •  JSF Program Enters Most Challenging Phase
  •  Australia’s Defense White Paper 2009
  •  Deloitte Sees 2008 as Record Year for Industry
  •  Defense Acquisitions: GAO Proposes Reforms
  •  Inefficiency Raises Cost of US Warships
  •  USAF Faces Significant Challenges on GPS
  •  What An Aussie Spy Sat Could Do
  •  NATO Looks at Alliance’s Future
  •  GAO Charts Course for Acquisition Reform
  •  GAO Assesses Major US Weapon Programs
  •  SIPRI Annual Report on Arms Transfers
  •  Danish Auditor Details Basis for Fighter Buy
  •  Obstacles in Developing New DoD Space Systems
  •  Pentagon Must Improve Service Contract Management

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