Official reports - Apr 2010

  •  SARs Detail US Arms Cost Blow-out
  •  GAO Assesses 42 Weapon Programs
  •  Enhancing USAF Irregular Warfare Capabilities
  •  Top 100 Arms-Producing Companies, 2008
  •  Insights from Israeli Ops in Lebanon and Gaza
  •  Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2009
  •  Pentagon Releases Nuclear Posture Review
  •  The Future of Australian Naval Shipbuilding
  •  UK Tanker Program Delivers No Savings
  •  Concepts of Operation for LCS Ships
  •  UK Arms Export Report: 2008/2009
  •  Contribution of ISTAR to UK Combat Ops
  •  Pentagon Must Improve UAV Management
  •  UK Global Threat Reduction Programme 2009
  •  UK Defense Industry Publishes Manifesto
  •  UK MoD Publishes Green Procurement Strategy
  •  GAO Testimony on JSF Cost, Schedule Issues
  •  MPs Review Major UK Weapon Programs
  •  Final Report of US Defense Acquisition Reform Panel
  •  UK Releases Defence Plan 2010-2014
  •  GAO’s Annual JSF Study Worse Than Usual
  •  HASC Update on Joint IED Organization
  •  Canadian Industry Wants Defence Industrial Strategy
  •  McKinsey Study Benchmarks Defence Expenditure
  •  Better Guidance Needed for ISR Data Sharing
  •  Pentagon Must Better Manage Security Contractors

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