Official reports - Sep 2010

  •  British MPs Report on “Hasty” Defense Review
  •  Sustaining America’s Long-Range Strike Capabilities
  •  GAO Looks at Hybrid Warfare Concept and Reality
  •  Australia’s Maritime Surveillance Capability
  •  CRS Update on MRAP, M-ATV Programs
  •  CRS Reviews SSBN(X) Missile Submarine Program
  •  Options for US Navy’s LPD-17 Amphibious Ship
  •  GAO Doubts Pentagon Tactical Aircraft Plans
  •  LCS Ship Capabilities At Risk From Costs, Delays
  •  Irish Defence Department 2009 Annual Report
  •  Latest SAR Shows Arms Costs Are Stable
  •  Pentagon Releases Report on Chinese Military
  •  Report on Cyber Threats to US National Security
  •  US Army Weapon Systems 2010

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