Official reports - Jul 2000

  •  Defense Acquisitions : Howitzer ProgramExperiencing Cost Increases and Schedule Delays
  •  Electronic Warfare: Phased Approach to Infrared UpgradesWould Reduce Risk to Helicopters
  •  Missile Defense: Cost Increases Call for Analysisof How Many New Patriot Missiles to Buy.
  •  Iraq's Scud Ballistic Missiles
  •  Battlefield Automation: Army Needs to UpdateFielding Plan for First Digitized Corps.
  •  Contingency Operations:Providing Critical Capabilities Poses Challenges.
  •  1999 Annual Report On Strategic Arms Export Controls
  •  Boeing Market Outlook 2000
  •  BR : Export Financing Programme For AircraftCA : Measures Affecting the Export of Civilian Aircraft
  •  A Review of UK Forces Chemical WarfareAgent Alerts during the 1990/1991 Gulf Conflict
  •  Force Structure: Army Is Integrating Active andReserve Combat Forces, but Challenges Remain.
  •  Conventional Arms Transfers: U.S. Efforts to Controlthe Availability of Small Arms and Light Weapons.
  •  Norwegian Defense :Facts and Figures 2000
  •  Tenth Report: Major Procurement Projects
  •  UK Defense Procurement:Major Projects Report 1999
  •  1999 Statistical and Financial Datafor the European Aerospace Industry
  •  MoD Standardisation of PFI Contracts

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