Official reports - Sep 2000

  •  Border Patrol: Procurement of MD 600NHelicopters Should Be Reassessed
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Higher Priority Neededfor Army Operating and Support Cost Reduction Efforts
  •  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Questionable Basis forRevisions to Shadow 200 Acquisition Strategy.
  •  UK Defence Statistics 2000
  •  Defense Trade: ContractorsEngage in Varied International Alliances.
  •  Special Review of the Selection Process of StrategicDefence Packages for the Acquisition of Armaments
  •  Report On The Military Situation On The Korean Peninsula
  •  France: Draft Defense Budget For 2001
  •  Budgeting For Defense:Maintaining Today's Forces
  •  Ministry of Defence : Training New Pilots
  •  A 'Crushing' Victory:Fuel-Air Explosives and Grozny 2000
  •  Airbus Global Market Forecast 2000
  •  From Phantom to Force: Towardsa More Efficient and Effective Army

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