Official reports - Jul 2012

  •  Analysis of the US Navy’s FY 2013 Shipbuilding Plan
  •  Global Aero/Defense Industry Sluggish in 2011
  •  GAO: Integrating UAVs in National Airspace
  •  New Opportunities in US-India Defense Trade
  •  UK MPs Want Tighter Export Controls
  •  US Faces Counter-IED Challenges
  •  UK Industry Reports Its 2011 Results
  •  DoD Plans Will Exceed Budget by 5%
  •  Averting Catastrophe In Cyberspace
  •  GAO Faults DoD Oversight of EW
  •  PwC Sees Industry Under Pressure
  •  CRS Update on Naval Ballistic Missile Defense
  •  US Navy Lasers for Shipboard Defense
  •  UK Implementation of EU Defense Directives
  •  GAO Concerned by 2 US Satellite Programs
  •  UK Auditor Faults MoD Inventory Management
  •  US Defense Cuts Could Cost 1 Million Jobs

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