Official reports - Sep 2012

  •  The Marine Corps ACV and MPC Vehicle Programs
  •  Options for US Military Weather Satellites
  •  MPs See UK Maritime Surveillance Gap
  •  DoD Spending and the US Defense Industrial Base
  •  Uncertainty for US Wheeled Vehicle Makers
  •  Rand’s Insights from the Second Lebanon War
  •  India’s Defence Offset Guidelines 2012
  •  Dim Prospects for Europe's Fighter Makers
  •  Iran: US Options for Preventive Strikes
  •  More Autonomy Urged for Unmanned Systems
  •  CRS Reviews JLTV Program
  •  Concerns About Domestic Drone Surveillance
  •  Arms Sales to Developing Nations, 2004-2011
  •  CSBA Queries Sequestration Effects
  •  US Navy Irregular Warfare Ops
  •  Legal Small Arms Trade Is Booming
  •  Rand Looks at Causes of Nunn-McCurdy Breaches
  •  CSBA Studies Reality of Cyber Warfare

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