Official reports - Dec 2000

  •  Rapport Au Parlementsur les Exportations de la France en 1999
  •  UK Ministry of Defence: KosovoThe Financial Management of Military Operations
  •  UK MoD Performance Report 1999/2000
  •  Global Trends 2015
  •  Pentagon's Selected Acquisition ReportsFor Sept. 2000 Reporting Period
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Status of the KE-ASAT[Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite] Program
  •  Defence 2000: Our Future Defence Force
  •  NATO Financial And Economic Data:National Defence Expenditures 1980-2000
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Need to Confirm Requirementsfor $4.1 Billion Antiarmor Missile System.
  •  Strengthening Transatlantic Security:A U.S. Strategy for the 21st Century.

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