Official reports - Oct 2013

  •  Pentagon IG Audit Slams F-35 Program
  •  Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development
  •  CBO: US Navy Short of Shipbuilding Funding
  •  Afghan Army Mismanages Repairs, Inventories
  •  The Fog of Law Erodes British Fighting Power
  •  UK Military Guidance On Using Social Media
  •  East Asia Dependent On Arms Imports
  •  New US Export Control Rules Go Into Effect
  •  A Sustainable Australian Naval Industry
  •  Defense Alternatives for Today’s Realities
  •  The US Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV)
  •  The SSBN[X] Ohio Replacement Submarine
  •  US Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding Plans
  •  CSR Reports on US Special Operations Forces
  •  Options for the Global SOF Network
  •  Upgrading ICBMs: Better Planning and Synchronization Needed
  •  Chemical Weapons: Characteristics and Effects
  •  CRS on Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
  •  Cost of US Air Force Overseas Posture
  •  Dutch Court Audits Govt. Defense Plans
  •  Rare Earth Elements in US National Defense
  •  Note on UK’s Defense Reform Bill
  •  US Navy’s UCLASS Program Defers Oversight

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