Official reports - Apr 2001

  •  UAV Roadmap 2000-2025
  •  Defense Acquisition:Army Transformation Faces Weapon Systems Challenges.
  •  Navy Transformation:Key Littoral Warfighting Capabilities Still Lacking.
  •  U.S. Military Aircraft:Cannibalizations Adversely Affect Personnel and Maintenance
  •  Australian Defence Budget: Portfolio Budget Statement 2001-02
  •  The Bush Administration's Strategic Defense Review
  •  Transforming Government:Dan Goldin and the Remaking of NASA
  •  Ninth Report : Major Procurement Projects Report
  •  Government Defence Statement
  •  Seventh Report: Draft Export Control and Non-Proliferation BillReport, together with the Proceedings of the Committee
  •  Eighth Report: The MOD's Annual Reporting Cycle 2000-01:Report and Proceedings of the Committee with Minutes of Evidence
  •  Status Update of the New 155 mm Lightweight Howitzer
  •  Electronic Warfare: The Army Can Reduce Its Riskin Developing New Radar Countermeasures System.
  •  V-22 Review Documents
  •  Assessing Competitive Strategies for theJoint Strike Fighter: Opportunities and Options
  •  The Six-Nation Framework Agreement: Government Observationson the First Report from the Defence Committee of Session 2000

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