Official reports - Apr 2014

  •  GAO on Major US Weapon Programs
  •  CRS Report on DDG-51 and DDG-1000 Destroyers
  •  Pentagon Issues Annual SAR Report
  •  US Navy Vision for Naval Aviation
  •  Final Report on Camp Bastion Attack
  •  Military Spending Falls In West, Rises Elsewhere
  •  Legal Framework for Future Military Operations
  •  USAF: Toward a Balanced Combat Air Force
  •  Update on Presidential Helicopter Acquisition
  •  Deloitte: New Techniques for New Cost Challenges
  •  Marines’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle Program
  •  US Global Strike Command 2014 Strategic Plan
  •  USAF Vision & Plans for UAVs 2013-2038
  •  Status of CVN-78 Aircraft Carrier Program

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