Official reports - Jan 2015

  •  Prospects for Euro Defence Industrial Base
  •  UK ‘Whole Force’ Concept Won’t Work
  •  Military Explains Value of Belgian Defence
  •  Status Report on Marine Corps’ ACV and MPC Programs
  •  Exosuit Opportunities in Maritime Operations
  •  Audit of UK Major Weapon Programs, Plans
  •  Taiwan and Deterrence Through Protraction
  •  US Deaths and Injury Rates in SW Asia
  •  2013 Sales of World’s Top 100 Defense Firms
  •  Proposed A-10 Retirement: Background
  •  Update on UK’s Trident Successor Program
  •  DoD Operational Test & Evaluation Report 2014
  •  Options for Australia's Future Frigate Program
  •  RD-180 Replacement & US Industrial Base
  •  Audit of Top 30 Australian Weapon Programs
  •  CRS Update on Littoral Combat Ship
  •  UK MoD Defence Equipment Plan 2014
  •  NTSB Report on Boeing 787 Battery Fire
  •  CBO Flunks US Navy’s Shipbuilding Plan
  •  CRS Reports Cost of SW Asia Wars
  •  Audit of Canada’s ‘Dysfunctional’ Procurement
  •  Lasers for Shipboard Surface and Air Defense

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