Official reports - Feb 2015

  •  US Releases 2015 National Security Strategy
  •  Defence Cooperation Between Finland and Sweden
  •  SIPRI Report on Western Arms Exports to China
  •  House of Commons Update on Trident Successor Program
  •  Public-Private Partnership for F-16 Radar Repair
  •  European Defence Agency 2014 Annual Report
  •  Assessment of the US Army Research Laboratory
  •  Defense Impact of Pentagon FY 2016 Budget
  •  CBO: Projected Costs of US Nuclear Forces to 2024
  •  Government Audits: Managing Contractor Risk
  •  An Introduction to Autonomy in Weapon Systems
  •  House of Commons Report on UK and the F-35 Fighter
  •  Options for Retiring UK’s Trident Missile Submarines
  •  Assessing China’s People’s Liberation Army
  •  NATO Secretary General’s Annual Report
  •  Business Council Report On US-UAE Defense Relationship
  •  2015 Outlook for Aerospace and Defense Industry
  •  Cost of Canada’s Anti-ISIL Operations in Iraq
  •  US Army Lexicon of Military Terms and Symbols

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