Official reports - Aug 2001

  •  DOD Systems Modernization: Continued Investment in theStandard Procurement System Has Not Been Justified.
  •  Export-Import Bank: The U.S. Export-Import Bank'sFinancing of Dual-Use Exports.
  •  Ministry of Defence: Acquisition of LightArmoured Vehicles and Light Operational Vehicles
  •  International Space Cooperation:Addressing Challenges for the New Millennium
  •  The Effects of Aging on the Costs of Operatingand Maintaining Military Equipment
  •  Naval Mine Warfare: Operational andTechnical Challenges for Naval Forces
  •  Kosovo Air Operations: Need to MaintainAlliance Cohesion Resulted in Doctrinal Departures.
  •  NATO Burden Sharing After Enlargement
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Actions to ImproveNavy SPAWAR Low-Rate Initial Production Decisions.
  •  Is the Air Force Spending Itself into Unilateral Disarmament?
  •  Military Transformation: Navy EffortsShould Be More Integrated and Focused.

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