Official reports - Nov 2001

  •  Ministry Of Defence Performance Report 2000/2001
  •  European Security: U.S. and European Contributionsto Foster Stability and Security in Europe.
  •  Military Readiness: Effects ofa U.S. Presence in Europe on Mobility Requirements.
  •  FAA AST Strategic Plan 2002
  •  Defence Annual Report 2000-01
  •  Inception Study to Support the Developmentof a Business Plan for the GALILEO Programme
  •  Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2001
  •  U.K. Ministry of Defence:Non-Competitive Procurement in the Ministry of Defence
  •  Force Structure: Options forEnhancing the Navy's Attack Submarine Force.
  •  Military Transformation: Army Has a Comprehensive Plan for ManagingIts Transformation But Faces Major Challenges.
  •  South Africa: Joint Investigation Report into theStrategic Defence Procurement Packages
  •  New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor
  •  Paper Number 3 : European Defence
  •  Canadian Defence and Securityin the 21st Century: To Secure a Nation
  •  Defense Plans: Status of DOD's Effortsto Improve Its Joint Warfighting Requirements Process.

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