Official reports - Apr 2002

  •  Defense Plans: Plan to Better Use Air Force SquadronsCould Yield Benefits, but Faces Significant Challenges.
  •  Corruption in the Official Arms Trade
  •  Ministry of Defence: Major Repair and Overhaul of Land Equipment
  •  Munitions Manufacturing: A Call for Modernization
  •  Selected DARPA Research Programs (FY02-03)
  •  DoD Strategic Plan For FY2002/03 To FY 2004/05
  •  NASA: Compliance with Cost Limits Cannot Be Verified.
  •  Slovak Republic Force 2010
  •  2002-2003 Report on Plans and Priorities
  •  Status Report on Major Crown Projectsand Large Major Capital Projects Equipment
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Status of Defense Logistics Agency's Effortsto Address Spare Part Price Increases.
  •  Sweden:Annual Exchange 2002 On Defence Planning
  •  Equipping Tomorrow's Military Force: Integration ofCommercial and Military Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond

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