Official reports - Dec 2018

  •  Commons Briefing Paper on UK MoD's MDP Report
  •  Pentagon Releases Semi-Annual Report on Afghanistan
  •  UK MoD Issues Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) Report
  •  GAO Reports on Cobra Dane Radar Plans
  •  CRS Update on US Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program
  •  US Missile Defense Systems Vulnerable to Hacking
  •  US Navy Must Transform Carrier Air Wings
  •  Joint Report on French-UK Anti-Ship Missiles
  •  France's DGA Issues Annual Defense Industry Digest
  •  GAO Lists Long-Range Emerging Threats Facing the United States
  •  Sweden & European defence cooperation: interests in search of a strategy
  •  The EU Capability Development Priorities
  •  GAO: US Navy, Marines Lag in Improving Readiness
  •  CBO: Cost of Replacing USAF Aircraft Fleets
  •  2019 Global Aerospace & Defense Industry Outlook
  •  Australia's ANAO Sees Holes in F-35 Sustainment
  •  Strategic Autonomy: Towards ‘European Sovereignty’ in Defence?
  •  'The $100 Billion Equation: Design, Cost & the JSF'
  •  Japan Publishes 2018 Defense White Paper
  •  CNAS Issues Final "Super Soldiers" Report
  •  US to Replace W78 Nuclear Warhead Capability
  •  UK MoD Releases Updated 2018 Equipment Plan

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