Official reports - May 2002

  •  New Zealand Defence: Long-Term Development Plan
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Navy NeedsPlan to Address Rising Prices of Aviation Parts.
  •  NZ MoD : Departmental Forecast 2002
  •  Military Transformation: Army Actions Neededto Enhance Formation of Future Interim Brigade Combat Teams.
  •  The Role of the Arms Lobby In the Bush Administration'sRadical Reversal of Two Decades of U.S. Nuclear Policy
  •  Ministry of Defence: Helicopter Logistics
  •  Defense Budget: Need to Strengthen Guidanceand Oversight of Contingency Operations Costs.
  •  Air Force Aircraft:Preliminary Information on Air Force Tanker Leasing.
  •  Australian Defense Budget Statement, 2002-2003
  •  Preserving America's Advantage in Satellite Technology

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