Official reports - Mar 2019

  •  Australian DoD Inconsistent in Managing Projects of Concern
  •  Canada's Fighter Force Faces Manpower, Aircraft Shortages
  •  Why China Has Not Caught Up Yet with Western Technology
  •  F-35: DoD Let Lockheed Manage Government Property
  •  GAO Faults Pentagon's Force Structure Decision-Making
  •  European Defence Agency 2018 Annual Report
  •  NATO Sec-Gen Releases Annual Report 2018
  •  U.S. Navy Issues Cybersecurity Readiness Review
  •  Estonia Intelligence Issues Annual Report on Defense
  •  Bursting the Bubble Russian A2/AD in the Baltic Sea Region
  •  Norway Releases Procurement Plans to 2026
  •  Culture and Competition for Influence Among U.S. Military Services

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