Official reports - Apr 2019

  •  GAO: Supply Chain Failures Impeding F-35 Availability
  •  F-35 Failing Half of Reliability Tests, Stagnates on Others Half
  •  Poor Condition of US Depots Compromises Maintenance
  •  CSIS Sees Rebound in Defense Contract Spending
  •  GAO Finds VH-71 Program on Schedule, Under Budget
  •  China's Space Power Goals & Their Implications
  •  CRS Reports on Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) Programs
  •  Rethinking the Combat Air Survivability Mix
  •  GAO: $115 Billion Not Enough for Columbia-class Subs
  •  The US Air Force's OA-X Program: Pros and Cons
  •  Air Force Releases 2018 Acquisition Report
  •  Simultaneous Space Programs Stretch US Capabilities
  •  UK: Delaying Submarine Dismantling Multiplies Costs
  •  Russian Army Posture Aimed at West
  •  How USAF Should Prepare for Great Power Competition
  •  Joining Forces: The Way The Road to a European Defence Union
  •  Global Counterspace Capabilities Report 2019
  •  CSIS Space Threat Assessment 2019
  •  Rand on the Conventional Force Imbalance in Europe
  •  Can the RAF Return to Tier One Status?
  •  Pentagon Budget Missed Many Opportunities for Missile Defense
  •  US Air Force Should Reduce Pilot Training Costs

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