Official reports - Sep 2002

  •  Military Operations: Information on U.S. Use of Land Mines in the Persian Gulf War.
  •  Space Transportation: Challenges Facing NASA's Space Launch Initiative
  •  China and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Missiles: Policy Issues
  •  Military Space Operations: Planning, Funding, and Acquisition Challenges Facing Efforts to Strengthen Space Control
  •  State of Progress of the Galileo Programme
  •  UK Defence Statistics 2002
  •  Export Controls: Processes for Determining Proper Control of Defense-Related Items Need Improvement.
  •  Iraq 's Weapons of Mass Destruction : The Assessment of the British Government
  •  Review of British National Space Centre (BNSC)
  •  National Security Strategy
  •  Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast 2002/2003
  •  Projet de loi de Programmation militaire 2003-2008
  •  Facts and Figures, Swedish Defence 2001-2002
  •  Combating Terrorism: Department of State Programs to Combat Terrorism Abroad.
  •  Force Structure: Review of B-1B Process Identifies Opportunity to Improve Future Analysis.
  •  Meeting The Challenges of Establishing a New Department of Homeland Security

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