Official reports - Oct 2003

  •  Competition In The US Military Aircraft Industry
  •  UK Government Response On Defence Procurement
  •  Space Station’s Survival Depends On Space Shuttle
  •  The US Combat Aircraft Industry, 1909-2000
  •  Canada Lacks Maritime Security Capabilities
  •  Long-Term Implications of US Defense Plans
  •  CBO: Tanker Buy Would Save $6.7 Billion
  •  The US Army’s Future Transport Rotorcraft
  •  The US Army and the War on Terrorism
  •  Missile Proliferation And Programs In South Asia
  •  New Zealand MoD Annual Report for 2003
  •  GAO Confirms Tanker Lease Too Expensive
  •  Less Costly Options Exist For USAF Tanker Aircraft
  •  European Union Sets Out Aerospace Strategy
  •  Space Station In Peril Without Shuttle
  •  War On Terror Fuels Arms Trade
  •  European Union Details Actions Against Mines
  •  South Africa’s Defense Industry Today
  •  Pentagon Bio-Lab Equipment Could Reach Terrorists
  •  S&P Grades US Aerospace/Defense Industry
  •  Interim Report On Iraqi WMD
  •  NATO Briefing on Afghanistan
  •  UK Aerospace Industry and the JSF
  •  Framework For Modernizing the US Air Force

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