Official reports - Nov 2003

  •  Pentagon’s Annual Report to Congress
  •  US Army Transformation: The Way Ahead
  •  Europe’s Air Transport Industry
  •  Protecting Airliners From Terrorist Missiles
  •  UK MoD Mishandled Introduction of AH-64 Apache
  •  Options For USAF Long-Range Strike Capabilities
  •  GAO Faults Pentagon’s Space Acquisition Policy
  •  Final Cost Estimate of Tanker Lease, Purchase
  •  UK Report on Defense Industrial Policy
  •  Pentagon’s Acquisition Policy Needs More Controls
  •  Implementing European Space Policy
  •  Iraq Occupation Unsustainable For US Forces
  •  SBIRS High Program Risks Cost, Schedule Overruns
  •  UK Auditor Qualifies Approval Of MoD Accounts

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