Tweet-O-Rama: A Twitter-only Report on Trump’s Request to Boeing
(Source: compiled by; posted Dec. 23, 2016)
PARIS --- Given US President-elect Donald J. Trump’s propensity to communicate via Twitter, we have posted below a Twitter-only report on his latest statement, asking Boeing Co. to “price-out” a hypothetical Super Hornet fighter as a possible alternative to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

A cursory look at overnight reporting of this same request by conventional news outlets found that none had resisted using at least one tweet, and most used several, so we decided to take things a bit further, and have experimented below with a tweet-only report, albeit with a few contextual remarks.

We thank our inadvertent contributors for their unwitting assistance with this Tweet-O-Rama report.

This is possibly the best headline for this story


Trump Asks Boeing to Price Super Hornet Alternative to F-35

Looks like Lockheed CEO’s mutism after meeting Trump on Dec. 21, and her later, non-committal statement," may have backfired.

While Rolls-Royce of America obviously didn’t have a clue as to what was happening:

What would foreign F-35 buyers say?

Is government by Tweet a good idea?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is our first Tweet-only news report, and is a Trump-inspired experiment.
It proved time-consuming to collect and collate the tweets, and the result is necessarily incomplete as many tweets don’t include hashtags, and so are lost in cyberspace. And there are no doubt many pundits who have interesting things to say, but whose tweets and re-tweets will not necessarily reach us.
That said, it is an interesting exercise. We will let our readers judge its value.)


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