Rafale to Serve Your Needs for 40 Years
(Source: New Straits Times; published March 21, 2017)

By Leslie Andres
KUALA LUMPUR --- With the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) replacement programme seemingly back on track, Rafale International believes its jet is well-placed to be the best bet for Malaysia.

With fighter aircraft undoubtedly being the most strategic weapon of any air force today, it said, both in terms of combat effectiveness and critical technologies, the Rafale is the right answer to conduct modern warfare safely and efficiently, thanks to its multi-role capabilities.

The consortium said there were three “must haves” of a true multi-role fighter aircraft a design, which is, from the onset, for carrying out all types of missions successfully, a cutting-edge mission system with the best sensors, and the sheer power of data fusion and an outstanding store carriage capability.

It said the Rafale is a twin-engine multi-role fighter aircraft that can carry out a wide range of missions, such as air policing and defensive counter air, air-to-ground precision attack, air-to-sea strike, nuclear deterrence, and air reconnaissance without having multiple fighter aircraft in an operation.

“This enables multiple missions to be carried in one sortie. Designed to be the sole combat aircraft in the French Air Force and Navy, being operated by the French armed forces in combat operations for more than a decade now, Rafale has proven its operational excellence in various theatres around the world.

“Having just one type of combat aircraft that fulfills multiple roles translates to highly efficient squadron maintenance and operations.”

Rafale International said the second “must have” has been fulfilled in the Rafale with its technologically-advanced sensors: active electronically scanned array radar, electronic warfare integrated self-protection system, front sector optronic system and datalink.

“The data fusion of information presents a unique tactical picture to the crew, increasing situation awareness and reducing pilot workload,” it said.

The Rafale, the consortium said, was able to take off at 2.5 times its empty weight, fulfilling the third “must have”.

“(It is capable of carrying) a large variety of mixed loads, offering the ability to conduct several types of missions in the same sortie. This allows flexibility in mission planning and execution. (end of excerpt)

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Typhoon Blows Away Competitors
(Source: New Straits Times; published March 21, 2017)
By Leslie Andres
KUALA LUMPUR --- Having worked with the Malaysian armed forces and supported the development of the local defence industry for decades, BAE Systems is hoping to take things further.

For the past 50 years, BAE Systems and its subsidiary companies have been supplying all three of the armed forces’ services with equipment, while supporting the defence industry for 20 of those years.

The relationship continues till today, and the company would like to see it grow even further by providing the Royal Malaysian Air Force the much-vaunted Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

The Typhoon is one of two aircraft said to be in the shortlist for the RMAF’s multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) replacement programme, and BAE Systems, which builds the aircraft in consortium with two European companies, believes it is the perfect fit for Malaysian needs.

“BAE Systems has worked with the Malaysian armed forces for over 50 years and supported the development of the Malaysian defence industry for more than 20 years, gaining a unique understanding of Malaysia’s requirements and aspirations. BAE Systems can assure Malaysia that a procurement of Typhoon will deliver benefits well beyond the defence capability that the aircraft brings to the RMAF,” BAE Systems regional sales director Steve Osborne told the New Straits Times.

Much like the deal for the supply of Hawk advanced jet trainers year ago, the procurement of the Typhoon would come with various offset initiatives that will deliver over 21,500 Malaysian jobs.

Osborne said it was expected that the economy would benefit to the tune of RM54 billion over the operational life of the aircraft.

He said the MRCA programme required an aircraft that can address the ever-changing threats in the region and the Typhoon would deliver on this by having a clear strategy which upgrades the aircraft capability in regular phases to maintain combat advantages.

“With 599 aircraft on order with eight nations, more than double that of our competitor, Typhoon’s capability is the product of a global understanding of the operational environment. RMAF can have confidence that Typhoon will arrive ready to fight, have the highest interoperability with its (Five Power Defence Arrangement) and other international partners, and remain at the peak of capability throughout its life.” (end of excerpt)

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