Publication Suspended
(Source:; issued Jan. 04, 2021)
PARIS --- After 23 years of providing daily news about the global aerospace and defense industry, has today reluctantly suspended publication.

Our business has been heavily impacted by the stringent cutbacks implemented by our advertisers in this troubled industry, notably due to the Covid pandemic and its consequences, to the point that continuing publication is no longer economically viable.

We are currently evaluating a range of options, including the sale of the business or the shift to a subscription-based economic model.

We take pride in having provided, for nearly a quarter-century, daily news updates that included news from government, industry and other recognized sources, including think-tanks, government audit agencies and non-government organizations, while keeping our comments, observations and analysis of events always clearly separate.

We also take pride in never having sold advertorials or promotional texts camouflaged as editorial articles.

We will keep our readers informed about future developments.

Giovanni de Briganti
Editor and Publisher

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