Defense-Aerospace Resumes Publication As Subscription-Based Service
(Source:; posted Sept. 27, 2021)
PARIS --- today resumed publication, almost nine months after it suspended publication when a Covid-induced drop in advertising revenue forced it into receivership.

Our new service is primarily financed by subscriptions. All content is paywall-protected, and accessible with a personal log-in.

We regret having to resort to a paywall, but this is the only way to generate the revenue required to operate the service.

In terms of editorial policy, our approach is unchanged: we will continue to provide our readers with first-hand information obtained from primary sources such as government ministries, international agencies, think-tanks and industry, curated and edited into a standard format.

Commentary and our own editorial content will remain clearly separate, and be posted either as “Editor’s Notes” or as “Feature Stories.”


As our service is dependent on subscriptions, we encourage our readers to support us by subscribing to one of the three options available.

Subscription rates vary between 280€ per year for individual, single-user subscriptions, 980€ per year for multi-user corporate subscriptions and 1,999€ for Sponsorship subscriptions.

Access to individual articles can also be purchased online for 3€.

Questions about subscriptions or single-article purchases should be addressed to

We hope the new will continue to provide a useful service.

Giovanni de Briganti
Editor and Publisher


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