Germany, the Special Fund and the FY2023 Budget
(Source:; posted Aug. 29, 2022)

By Alistair Davidson
PARIS --- On September 7, the reading of the finance bill for 2023 will be discussed on the basis of the defence bill issued by the Government just before the summer break.

But right now, some key-remarks can be made:

--First, the ordinary defence budget stays at a high level but will not increase: €50 Bn in average over the whole period 2023-2027.

--Secondly, the ordinary procurement budget decreases from €20.4Bn to 18.6: the “ordinary defence effort” is not increasing but slightly declining, offset however by the special Fund.

--Finally, the special fund appears more as a spare wheel for the MoD than a real booster: several key and big items will be financed only because there is the special funds; otherwise, and in other words, none of them would be financed at its required levels.

Big items are indeed being procured with a portion of the Special Fund for FY23:


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