Aerospace Notebook: Boeing pays a price for its line in the sand
(Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer; published Dec. 8, 2004)
Shortly before Boeing commercial boss Alan Mulally named a new jetliner sales chief in January 2002, he considered whether the company needed someone like the hard-charging John Leahy of Airbus.

The American-born Leahy is brash, aggressive and tenacious. He's a pit bull who doesn't take no for an answer. And he never stops selling Airbus and its airplanes -- or trash-talking the competition. Like him or not, Leahy is largely credited with taking Airbus to the top as the world's No. 1 airplane manufacturer.

Mulally, however, picked someone very much the opposite, at least in style. Although he wanted to win just as badly as Leahy, Toby Bright was personable and soft-spoken with a relaxed manner.

But after several high-profile sales victories by Airbus, Bright was replaced last week in a major shakeup of Boeing's jetliner sales team.

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