Leonardo Scheduled For Unberthing From ISS
(Source : Alenia Spazio ; issued June 14, 2002)

Leonardo, the Multipurpose Pressurised Logistics Module (MPLM) of the Italian Space Agency built by Alenia Spazio, is scheduled to be removed from the Unity Node of the International Space Station (ISS) and replaced in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in the afternoon of Friday, June 14th. Shuttle de-docking from the Station is slated for the morning of Saturday, June 15th and the return journey will begin with the Italian module carrying cargo destined for Earth.

Leonardo was launched from the Kennedy Space Center at 5.22 p.m. (11.22 p.m. in Italy) on June 5th on mission STS-111 and docked to the ISS on Friday, June 7th.

The module was installed at the Unity Node of the ISS on June 8th using the Shuttle's robot arm.

This is Leonardo's third visit to the Station after the STS-102 and -105 missions in March and August 2001.

Each designed to fly 25 times in 10 years, the MPLMs are used to ferry experiments, materials and supplies between Earth and the ISS. They can also be operated on orbit attached to the Station, providing stowage space and an inhabitable environment for two people.

Leonardo's almost 3 tons of cargo on this mission included eight Resupply Stowage Racks, five Resupply Stowage Platforms, two International Stowage Racks and two new scientific experiment racks for the Station.

STS-111 is the fourteenth ISS assembly flight and, besides Leonardo, it is taking the Mobile Base System to the Station and carrying the three members of the crew of Expedition 5 to replace Expedition 4 as the inhabitants of the orbiting complex.

Landing at KSC is scheduled for June 17th.

At its site in Turin, Alenia Spazio is constructing over 50% of the pressurized, and therefore inhabitable, volume of the Space Station. In recognition of this contribution to the huge international program, on its 11 day mission, Endeavour will also be taking into space around 150 flags with the slogan of the city (host of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games), "Torino non sta mai ferma" (Torino ­ always on the move


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