Rosoboronexport at the International Exhibition Russian Expo Arms -2002 in Nizhni Tagil
(Source : Rosoboronexport State Corporation; dated July 8, web-posted July 10, 2002)

Rosoboronexport State Corporation takes active part in arranging and conducting the International Exhibition of Armaments, Military Equipment and Ammunition "RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS - 2002", which will be held in the city of Nizhni Tagil from July 9 to 13, 2002.

Rosoboronexport Corporation will provide the arrival at the Exhibition of the foreign representatives from the number of prospective customers and military attaches from over 30 foreign countries.

Foreign partners will have another chance to witness that Russian military- purpose export products are highly technological, their combat characteristics are not inferior, and in a number of cases surpass armaments and military equipment of the leading foreign states.

At the Exhibition combat capabilities of over 20 full-scale samples of military equipment will be demonstrated. They include the T-90S, T-80UK, T-72S, T-72M1 tanks and engineering vehicles based on them, BTR-80A and modernized BTR-70 armoured personnel carriers, 300mm "Smerch" and 122mm "Grad" multi-launch rocket systems, modernized "MSTA-S" self-propelled howitzer, self-propelled artillery guns of the "Nona" family, modernized BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicle, 125mm 2S25 "Sprut-SD" self-propelled antitank gun.

Rosoboronexport Corporation will introduce to foreign customers various modernised versions of armaments and military equipment of the Russian origin previously exported. This is an entire range of implemented technical and technological ideas including enhancement of combat and operational characteristics, fitting of armament and military materiel with night vision devices, increase of the automation level of weaponry control processes, equipment with the navigational systems, reconnaissance and communication facilities.

Jointly with the State Unitary Enterprise "PO "Uralwagonzavod", Rosoboronexport will hold a presentation of an integrated modernisation programme of one of the most massively produced tanks in the world - the T-72 tank.

The developed version of modernising the T-72M1 tank covers all the components of its combat potential - fire power, protection, manoeuvrability and steering response. It is armed with a new 125mm gun, possessing improved accuracy, guided missile weaponry, large-calibre anti-aircraft machine gun mount of closed type. Weaponry power is in many respects stipulated by the modern fire control system, installed on the T-72M1, which includes a multi-channel sight (optical and thermal vision channels, missile control channel and built-in laser range-finder), electronic digital ballistic computer with a set of fire conditions sensors, the latest tank weaponry stabiliser with enhanced accuracy.

Among the know-how, which have been implemented in the T-72M1 modernisation - are the new built-in dynamic protection, electromagnetic protection system for prevention of demolition on the magnetometric fuse mines, special system for laying aerosol screens, new satellite navigation system. On the whole, the modernised vehicle surpasses 1.7-2.0-fold the basic version in respect of combat efficiency level and in many parameters it approaches the T-90S. In combination with technical solutions such modernisation is the most rational in respect of the "cost - efficiency" criterion.

The modernised "Smerch" multi-launch rocket system features the automated process of rocket preparing and launching. Firing range has been increased up to 90 km. The combat vehicle is equipped with combat control and communication facilities. The system can co-operate with the small-size reconnaissance system (SRS) with the "Pchela-1" remotely-piloted vehicle (RPV). Target destruction time on the move has decreased 4-5 times.

Foreign customers will also get familiarised with the results of the integration of the SRS with the "Pchela-1" RPV with such fire destruction means as the "Grad" multi-launch rocket systems, 155mm "Msta-S-155" self-propelled howitzer, as well as with the Mi-24/35 transport-combat helicopters, Mi-28NE combat helicopters, Mi-8, Mi-17 transport-troop landing helicopters and with the helicopter complexes of the Ka-50 and Ka-52 type. Tests of the integrated combat application of the "Smerch" and the SRS with the "Pchela-1" RPV were successfully conducted on July 3 this year at one of the central ranges in Russia.

A considerable place at the display of enterprises is occupied by the automation and reconnaissance means, among which are the "Slepok-1" rocket brigade automated control system, "Kapustnik-B" automated fire control system of the "Grad" multi-launch rocket system and towed artillery, "Senezh-M1E" and the "Polyana-D4M1" automated control systems for the groups of Air Defence Forces, unified battery command post, "PORI-P3" mobile automated radar data processing post, "Zoopark-1" radar system for missile and artillery positions reconnaissance, 1B44 "Ulybka" meteorological system.

Representatives of foreign firms will be undoubtedly interested in the effective samples of individual type armaments and military equipment, including the tank support combat vehicle (BMPT), created on the T-72 basis, the modernised BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, DT-30PM double-link tracked amphibious carrier, 155mm KM-1 "Krasnopol" guided weapon system, RBU-600 bomb-throwing rocket mount, "Shturm-V" anti-tank missile system, mounted on the Mi-24V helicopter, "Metis-M" portable anti-tank missile system, 30mm AGS-30 anti-personnel automatic rocket-launching system, "Ataka" anti-tank guided missile, 7.62mm 6P41 "Pecheneg" machine gun, 12.7mm "Kord" (6P50) machine gun, 7.62mm modernised Kalashnikov machine gun on Stepanov mount, 9 mm AEK-919K "Kashtan" machine pistol.

Rosoboronexport Corporation considers its participation at the Exhibition as an important marketing event, aimed at support of the national Defence-Industrial Complex and extension of Russian Federation export capabilities.


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