SELEX Galileo Offers High Tech Situational Awareness and Force Protection to Brunei Armed Forces
(Source: Selex Galileo; issued July 7, 2011)
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei --- At BRIDEX 2011 in Brunei Darussalam, SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, will be demonstrating its latest battlefield technologies that serve to improve the situational awareness and protection of soldiers in vehicles and on the ground.

SELEX Galileo has a track record of working with Brunei, having already sold infrared sensors for the Royal Brunei Air Force’s Mistral missiles and, in conjunction with FNSS of Turkey, conducted trials of its situational awareness equipment on the ACV300 vehicle being evaluated by the Royal Brunei Army.

The Company is now working to further boost its presence in the region by targeting a range of key programmes.

Show visitors will be able to see SELEX Galileo’s Road Marshall integrated vehicle situational awareness system for land vehicles. The system uses a combination of electro-optics and acoustic sensors to provide 360° coverage around the vehicle. Many of the subsystems integrated into the solution are fully combat proven and in service with UK and other Armed Forces.

The Road Marshall system on display also features a Long Range Reconnaissance (LRR) sensor capable of detecting and tracking vehicles, personnel and aircraft in both day and night, an acoustic shot detection system and a Remotely-operated Weapon Station (RWS) which can be fitted with a wide range of small and medium caliber armaments.

The RWS can be automatically aimed in the direction of any threat identified by the shot detection system and is fitted with the high performance Surveillance and Target Acquisition and Weapon aiming Sensor (STAWS) to provide 24 hour operation. The modular Road Marshall solution can be optimised for any wheeled or tracked vehicle. The system can be seen as part of the outdoor display fitted to a Royal Brunei Armed Forces VAB vehicle and inside on the LS & A stand.

For the dismounted soldier, SELEX Galileo will also be displaying products designed to help troops be more aware of their environment and combat new threats on the evolving battlefield. The Scorpio fire control system for grenade launcher tubes provides fast and accurate aiming and firing, while the Aspis multifunctional rifle sight features aiming laser pointers for close combat operations and infrared, day TV, and 'shooting around the corner' video outputs which are transmitted wirelessly to the soldier.

SELEX Galileo will also be putting on show its advanced electro-optical systems including the Erica Plus thermal imager and Janus EO turret, suitable for a range of possible maritime and coastal surveillance programmes in the region.


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