Ramora UK’s New Diving Service Unmatched Outside the Armed Forces
(Source: Ramora UK; issued October 25, 2011)
Ramora UK, world-class experts in dealing with items of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and the associated risks, has announced a new service offering to be delivered by a highly qualified bespoke bomb disposal diving team.

Comprising of former Royal Navy Clearance Divers, the team will provide a truly global service, including operations in past and present conflict zones. Able to deploy as a stand-alone, fully self contained unit from a range of vessels this new service represents considerable time and cost savings for clients, the specialist unit will undertake UXO search and disposal operations down to a maximum depth of 50m. or operations at greater depths, Ramora UK will continue to use its proven remote-controlled REODS system). Using many of the skills and techniques employed by Royal Navy divers, all operations will be conducted in accordance with HSE best practice and utilise state of the art diving equipments.

Outside of the armed forces, Ramora UK will be the first and only organisation in the UK providing this level of reactive UXO service. Indeed, in some areas, the company’s capabilities and experience now exceed those that can be deployed by the MOD.

Ramora UK anticipate that demand for this new service will come from a number of quarters, including the offshore oil and gas industry and, increasingly, from the offshore renewables sector.

According to David Welch MIExpE, Ramora UK’s Managing Director:
“We are confident that our new UXO Clearance Diving service, a unique offering in the commercial world, will give us a truly distinctive edge and confirm our world-class expertise in the UXO field.”

Ramora UK is the trading name for Ramora Global Limited. Ramora UK is a leading global provider of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services and training. Ramora UK offers a wide range of land and maritime Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and EOD services including the design and delivery of professional training, practical services, equipment procurement, equipment solutions, integration services and consultancy solutions


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