Embraer Releases 4th Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Results (excerpt)
(Source: Embraer; issued March 20, 2012)
During the 4th quarter of 2011 (4Q11), Embraer delivered 32 commercial and 50 executive aircraft and ended the year with total deliveries of 105 commercial and 99 executive aircraft (83 light jets and 16 large jets);

As a consequence, 2011 Revenues totaled US$ 5,803 million, in line with the annual Revenue guidance range of US$ 5.6 to US$ 5.8 billion;

2011 Operating performance was strong and the recurring EBIT margin for the year would have reached 8.7%. However, due to provisions, primarily related to financial guarantees in connection with the American Airlines (AMR) fleet, the actual 2011 accumulated EBIT margin was 5.5%;

Positive operating cash generation of US$ 178.7 million in 4Q11 increased the Company’s net cash position to US$ 445.7 million at the end of 2011.

Net income (loss) attributable to Embraer Shareholders was negative US$ 91.8 million in 4Q11 and totaled US$ 111.6 million for 2011. Earnings (loss) per ADS for 4Q11 and 2011 totaled negative 0.5072 and positive 0.6169, respectively. (end of excerpt)

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