IMI Wins Additional US Navy Contract For Advanced ITALDs -
(Source : Israel Military Industries; issued Jan. 26, 2003)

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has received a US Navy contract for the supply of an additional 140 advanced ITALD (Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoys).

IMI is the sole supplier to the US Navy of the aircraft-launched standoff decoys which appear as "dummy" targets on enemy radar screens. By replicating fighter aircraft, ITALDs suppress enemy missile effectiveness and support air-to-surface missions while assuring crew safety and aircraft survivability. The new contract is valued at approximately $22 million.

"We are very pleased to have received this contract," says Mr. Mizrachi, Chairman of IMI. "ITALD is an advanced version of our combat-proven TALDs, which have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to saturate enemy radar screens and divert enemy anti-aircraft activity. During the Gulf War, TALDs created safe corridors for US and allied aircraft on route to Iraqi targets. The upgraded ITALD was created in light of the TALDs' success."
ITALDs may be deployed in the event of a US assault on Iraq. "With plans calling for a focus on Baghdad and the country's ports, the need to counter and knock out Iraq's air defense systems will play a key role in the operation", Mizrachi says.

ITALD performs all missions autonomously, aided by a GPS and navigation sensors. It can be launched from most fighters without any modification to the aircraft's on-board avionics. ITALD glides along a variety of preprogrammed mission maneuvers. As no maintenance is required, it can be programmed shortly before flight.

With a 160 NM operational range, ITALD offers numerous features and advantages: excellent maneuverability, flexible and realistic flight profiles - including a programmable speed of MO.45 - MO.8, variable altitude of 500 - 30,000 ft, multiple way-point trajectory, launch and forget concept, multiple carriage on standard bomb racks, and a terrain-following capability.


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