Modernization: Embraer Presents Solutions for the Air Force’s New KC-390
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Sep. 4, 2012)
(Issued in Portuguese only; unofficial translation by
Between 20 and 29 August, the KC-390 development team met with military experts from the Força Aérea Brasiliera (FAB) for the program’s Preliminary Design Review, during which engineering solutions adopted by Embraer for the structure and the various aircraft systems were reviewed.

In March 2013, a further meeting will freeze the final configuration of the KC-390 and release production drawings, the last phase before the construction of prototypes.

The KC390 twin jet transport will be able to carry three Humvee-sized light vehicles or a single Guarani eight-wheeled armored combat vehicle.

The KC390’s all-glass cockpit will include head-up displays and a separate, side-mounted display for the flight engineer.

Pilots will have the latest in visual aids, with four large, reconfigurable glass displays and head-up displays, as well as side-stick controllers.

During the PDR meeting, experts from Embraer used the components and interfaces that have already been defined to demonstrate the maturity of the project. These include the cockpit, which has an engineering simulator ready. Air Force personnel will now be able to see what the KC-390 cockpit will look like.

The new aircraft will make its maiden flight in 2014 and first deliveries are scheduled for the FAB in 2016. The KC-390 will replace the C-130 Hercules for transport and in-flight refueling missions.

(All photos by Embraer)


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