Rafael Will Display for the First Time A New Generation of Its Protector USV
(Source: Rafael; issued October 16, 2012)
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea and space applications will display for the first time its new generation "PROTECTOR" Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) at Euronaval 2012.

The potential use of the PROTECTOR includes Maritime Security, Force Protection, and Naval Dominance.

The new generation 11m PROTECTOR is part of Rafael's USV Family, which includes the shorter 9m vessels.

The PROTECTOR is already in operational use for a variety of missions including maritime security and protection of critical infrastructure, by the Israeli Navy, a civilian customer and other naval forces around the world.

The new PROTECTOR version has a twin-engine USV, providing greater endurance, higher speed, and complete redundancy in navigation and sailing functions.

A remotely-operated Water Cannon system has been added to the PROTECTOR in addition to the existing Mini-Typhoon stabilized gun mount. The Water Cannon provides non-lethal engagement as well as fire-fighting capabilities.

Giora Katz, Corporate VP and General Manager of Land and Naval Sector at Rafael noted that the new 11m Protector USV, along with Rafael's other Protector USVs of shorter lengths is a force multiplier that enhances the capabilities of navies and coast guards around the world to deal with the growing global threats against maritime assets, such as oil and gas rigs, power plants, ships and ports.

"We believe that the USV market is growing substantially and that Protector, with its already combat proven capabilities will be a major player in this market", added Katz.


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