Airbus A400M Successfully Completes First Airdrop Trials
(Source: Airbus Defense & Space; issued March 12, 2014)
An A400M test aircraft drops a range of different loads over a drop zone near Toulouse, France, as part of its ongoing military flight-test programme. (Airbus photo)
The A400M new generation airlifter has successfully completed one of the most important elements of its continuing military flight-test programme – the first phase of airdrop trials.

Flying over the Fonsorbes drop zone near Toulouse, an A400M development aircraft dropped a range of different loads by parachute during 11 flights over a two-week period.

In total it dropped 26 platforms and containers weighing from 255kg to 4 tonnes using the ramp aerial-delivery system (RAS-wedge), and 11 bundles weighing from 15kg to 320kg using the paratrooper doors.


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