Billions Needed to Boost Defence: Supreme Commander
(Source: Radio Sweden; posted Dec 16, 2014)
The Swedish Armed forces need more money if they are to fulfill the government's expectations over the next five years, according to Supreme Commander Sverker Göransson.

In May, the Defence Commission agreed to increase funding to the armed forces during the period up to 2020, because of the deteriorating geopolitical situation along the European borders. The budget will cover, among other things, new fighter jets, an updated air defence and new submarines. The goal is to strengthen Sweden's defence capabilities, particularly in the Baltic Sea.

While the Supreme Commander agrees with the goals and assessments set out in the defence policy report, he says that the allocated budget falls several millon kronor short.

"Hundreds of millions will not be enough to fulfill all the expectations expressed in the report," Göransson said. "That is beyond a doubt."


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