MiG-29UPG That Was Upgraded In India Began Scheduled Flights
(Source: Rostec; issued Mar 20, 2015)
The first MiG-29UPG fighter upgraded by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. in India has begun flight testing. A total of 62 MiG-29s will be upgraded in India with Russian assistance to a standard similar to the Indian Navy’s MiG-29Ks. (RussianPlanesNet photo)
The first MiG-29UPG underwent modifications conducted by Indian specialists and soared into the sky in February this year, stated CEO of MiG Corporation Sergey Korotkov in an interview with Interfax-AVN. The group of MiG-29’s, which underwent modernization in India, is made up of four fighter aircraft.

A contract for revision of 62 MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force was signed in March 2008. Under the specific arrangement, Russia supplies upgrade kits to Indian technological professionals, and MiG Corporation specialists provide the necessary advice and technical assistance and know-how required for installation and use to Indian partners, said Sergei Korotkov.

After receiving the upgrades, the combat readiness of the MiG-29UPG will attain a performance level similar to that of the naval MiG-29K fighter aircraft.

Thus, providing an expanded overall range of operational capability for the MiG-29. Currently, the aircraft are designed primarily to intercept air targets and achieve air superiority. The upgraded aircraft will gain the ability to attack ground and sea targets at any time of day and in any weather conditions.

This problem is resolved through integration of the Zhuk-ME airborne radar system designed by KRET into the MIG-29UPG fighter jets. The new radar system with specially designed slotted antenna arrays and production carried out by the PHAZOTRON - NIIR Public Corporation, provides the foundation for the active weapons control system of the newly upgraded MiG-29UPG.

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) is the largest Russian company in the radio-electronic industry created in 2009. KRET specializes in systems for advanced electronic warfare, modern avionics and aircraft instrumentation. The enterprises of the Concern also manufacture household appliances and medical equipment, along with equipment and control systems for the fuel and energy sector, as well as for the transportation and engineering industries.


The Indian Mig-29UPG Has Taken Off Into the Sky
(Source: Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies, KRET; dated Mar 19, 2015)
Indian specialists have successfully mastered the technology for the modernization of the MiG-29UPG variant of the MiG-29, according to MiG CEO Sergey Korotkov, as reported by Interfax-AVN. The modernized aircraft are equipped with the modern Zhuk radar, developed by KRET.

According to Sergey Korotkov, the first MiG-29UPG fighter jet modernized by Indian specialists took off into the sky in February of this year. He also said that there are four jets in the first batch of MiG-29 fighters upgraded in India. It may be recalled that the contract to upgrade 62 MiG-29 fighter jets for the Indian Air Force was signed in March 2008.

Russia is supplying Indian specialists with technological modernization kits, with experts from MiG also providing all necessary advice and technical assistance to their Indian partners, Sergey Korotkov explained.

According to experts, the proposed modernization of the MiG-29UPG variant of the MiG-29 for the Indian Air Force is optimal in terms of its cost-effectiveness. The main objectives of modernization include bringing the combat readiness of the MiG-29UPG to a level close to that of the MiG-29K fighter jet.

This modernization significantly extends the functionality of the MiG-29. Currently, these aircraft are intended primarily to intercept aerial targets and ensure combat superiority in the air.

The upgraded aircraft will not only have expanded capabilities in fighting air targets, but will acquire the ability to attack ground and naval targets at any time of day and in any weather condition.

The integration of the Zhuk-ME radar, developed by KRET, into the avionics of the MiG-29UPG enables such capabilities. The new radar with a slot antenna array design, manufactured by Phazotron-NIIR, is at the heart of the weapons control system for the upgraded MiG-29UPG.


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