Wednesday's Papers: …Defense Spending Plans
(Source: Finnish Broadcasting News; YLE; issued Mar 25, 2015)
Turun Sanomat reports that the Finnish Army is looking at the purchase of up to 100 million euros worth of new field artillery and a request has been sent out to arms suppliers for information on what kinds of systems are available.

Under consideration is new heavy self-propelled artillery.

According to the army's Inspector of Artillery, Colonel Pertti Lahtinen, guns currently in operational use will become "massively" outdated during the next decade. The intention is to replace weapons taken out of service with a single type of mobile system.

Defense Minister Carl Haglund told Turun Sanomat that the acquisition of new field artillery is essential.

Right now the sum that may be spent of the new weapons system ranges up to 100 million euros. Colonel Lahtinen was unwilling at this stage to speculate on what kind of new mobile platform, that is what type of vehicle, would be under consideration to carry any new field artillery.


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