H145 Completes First Leg of Two-Month Brazil Demo Tour
(Source: Airbus Helicopter; issued April 3; posted April 7, 2015)
The H145 wrapped up its first month in Brazil on March 31 after having toured Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Brasilia. 53 flights were performed in total, representing around 42 flight hours.

Sao Paulo’s dense urban environment – combining a population of 12 million inhabitants with heavy aeronautical traffic above the city – and complex weather conditions provided a worthy stage on which to demonstrate the H145’s capabilities to a mix of military, police and corporate customers.

“The best things I saw in this helicopter are that it has a lot of power and the emergency procedures are very simple,” said Colonel Carlos Eduardo Falconi, Commander of the Air Squad Unit at the Sao Paolo Police Department. “I was amazed at the takeoff power. In addition, the Helionix avionics is so simple. This is important for us because we need to concentrate on the mission, manage the risks, and have the flight information in front of us.”

Pilots also commented on the aircraft’s ability to maneuver within the dense city, taking advantage of its many tall buildings equipped with helipads; the Fenestron shrouded tail rotor, which provides additional safety, especially for corporate and business aviation missions, as well as parapublic and police; and the Category A performance.

Operators who experienced the aircraft in Curitiba and Brasilia included Brazilian governmental operators (Federal Police, Customs, Military Police) and private customers, who perform a variety of mission ranging from pure police, including special operations, to EMS and VIP transport.

H145 completes first leg of two-month Brazil demo tour

“We have a gap in our fleet to fill. We need a helicopter that can transport a lot of policemen, including the bomb squad, who carry a lot of weight in their uniform. The H145 is a good one to fill that gap,” said Colonel Falconi.

The H145 will remain in Brazil for the month of April with additional stops in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Pedro d’Aldeia.


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