2015 Budget - Ministry of Defence
(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Defence; issued May 22, 2015)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
BRASILIA --- The Ministry of Defence will have a budget of 17.028 billion réals for 2015 funding and investment. This amount is 5.617 billion réals (24.8%) lower than the 22.645 billion réals that were earmarked for 2015 in the Annual Budget Law (LOA).

Aware that this budget reduction in 2015 is a prerequisite for economic stability, the Defense Ministry will make efforts to reschedule their spending for the current year, in order to minimize the impact on its activities.

All agreements and commitments already made will be prioritized, and the management improvement process will be intensified in the constant quest to reduce costs. If necessary, the deliveries schedules of defense products will be revised, as Defence Minister Jaques Wagner stressed during hearings held this week in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The reduced values of strategic projects will still be calculated from the publication of the Presidential decree.

"Our strategic projects must not suffer any discontinuity. They may suffer, so to speak, a slightly deceleration because of what we are going through, and I recognize the need for adjustment. But we cannot discontinue any program that is strategic in defense of either the Navy, Army or Air Force,” because if it’s very easy to delay a program, it quickly tends to discontinue and stop very fast, he said.

Even though certain corrective measures are necessary to allow the resumption of growth and the continuing attraction of our country for investment, the Ministry of Defence will continue to carry out, with its customary excellence, all institutional assignments for the defense of the country.


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