NATO Releases the Resource Policy and Planning Board’s 2014 Annual Report
(Source: NATO; dated Sep. 04, updated Sep. 07, 2015)
NATO’s Resource Policy and Planning Board’s (RPPB) 2014 Annual Report was published on Friday (4 September 2015). The RPPB is a subsidiary body of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) and has a lead policy and planning role in all NATO military common funded resource areas.

The Annual Report analyses how NATO’s common-funded resources support approved Alliance objectives and priorities; assesses the performance of military common funding; and reviews the financial situation of the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) and the Civil and Military Budgets (CB and MB).

The 2014 report is the first such report to be made public and its release upholds the commitment made by NATO Heads of State and Government at the Wales Summit last year, to enhance NATO financial transparency and accountability.

NATO is committed to greater transparency and accountability and recognizes the importance of providing insight into how the organisation manages, spends and reports on the use of taxpayer money.

Click here for the report’s Executive Summary (5 PDF pages) on the NATO website.


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