Aldo Meets with Defense Minister of Sweden and Meets with Businessmen
(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Defense; issued Oct 16, 2015)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by
The defense minister, Aldo Rebelo, met on Sunday (18/10), with his Swedish counterpart, Peter Hultqvist, in Stockholm, as part of the official agenda of President Dilma Rousseff’s visit to Sweden and Finland, which continues until Tuesday (20). "The meeting broadens the cooperation horizons beyond what already exists in the area of defense," Rebelo said after the meeting.

The Minister highlighted the broad possibilities of cooperation between the two countries that was opened when the Brazilian government decided to strike a deal for the purchase of Gripen fighters from the Swedish company Saab. The FX-2 project, Rebelo said, involves technology transfer, industrial policy, training labor, skilled labor, science and research and development.

The meeting between the two defense ministers aims to intensify Brazil-Sweden cooperation through projects in new areas such as industrial cooperation, the exchange of experiences in peacekeeping operations, and the development of software.

On the first day of the official visit to Sweden, Minister Rebelo accompanied President Dilma Rousseff and her delegation to a meeting with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at the Royal Palace. He also attended a meeting with Brazilian businessmen who have business in Sweden. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss possibilities for increased interaction between the Swedish and Brazilian industry.

On Monday (19), the Minister will visit, together with Dilma Rousseff, the Saab company. Rebelo will meet with Chairman of the Board of directors, Peter Wallenberg, and CEO Hakan Bushke. He will also meet 46 Brazilian engineers -- 44 from Embraer and 2 from AEL Sistemas – who are the precursors of the Gripen technology transfer process to Brazil. In total, more than 200 Brazilian engineers will be sent to Sweden for this purpose.

On Tuesday, Aldo Rebelo will travel with the presidential entourage to Finland, where he will meet with the Finnish Minister of Defence, Jussi Niinistö.


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