Army’s Innovation Day Showcases New Technologies
(Source: Australian Minister of Defence; issued October 19, 2015)
Today I had the opportunity to meet with defence industry representatives at the second annual Australian Army Innovation Day.

Delivering Australia’s future defence capability will require a strong partnership between government and industry. The Turnbull Government strongly supports maximising the opportunities for Australian industries to participate in defence acquisition and sustainment.

Industry groups showcased cutting edge technologies designed to enhance soldier performance – helping soldiers to out-think, out-perform and outlast an adversary.

Many of the technologies displayed at Army Innovation Day 2015 will inform how the Australian Army will prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In a global environment where the pace of technological change is rapid, innovative ideas and solutions are necessary to achieve the capability outcomes for our Defence Force.

The Australian Army Innovation Day is an annual event, which facilitates direct engagement between the Army and industry groups on leading technologies.

Industry presentations included nutrition technologies, load-sharing equipment to reduce the weight burden carried by soldiers, physiological condition monitoring, 3D immersive and holographic simulation and land/air integration technology.


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