RAF Butchers Four Typhoon Jets Worth £500m for Spare Parts to Keep Warplanes Flying
(Source: Daily Mirror; published Dec 06, 2015)
By Ben Glaze
The RAF is butchering state-of-the-art Typhoon fighters for spare parts to keep vital warplanes flying.

Four jets, costing £125 million each, are being cannibalised to cover a desperate shortage of key kit.

The embarrassing revelation comes as six Typhoons were sent to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to boost the UK mission against Islamic State in Syria. They are set to pound targets in Iraq and Syria after MPs gave the green light to extending military action.

Defence Minister Philip Dunne made the embarrassing admission about stripping for spares following a written parliamentary question.

He insisted: “It is routine practice to move parts between aircraft within the RAF Typhoon fleet to ensure optimum aircraft availability. Four Typhoon aircraft held in the sustainment fleet are currently being used as donor aircraft and consequently are unable to fly.” (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Daily Mirror website.


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