Indra and Alcatel-Lucent Complete Modernization of National Maritime Security System In Poland
(Source: Indra; issued December 15, 2015)
Indra, in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent company, has completed the deployment in Poland of an advanced system that will enable the Maritime Authority of the country efficiently and safely manage vessel traffic in 12 ports and over 440 km. of coastline and 60 km. navigable channel of the river Oder.

This system was developed by Alcatel-Lucent and Indra in cooperation with three regional maritime offices and the Maritime Search and Rescue Service (MSPiR) of Poland.

Indra has provided the VTS of Gdynia, Ustka, Szczecin and Swinoujscie with its advanced centers iMARE information management maritime traffic . This solution combines the data they collect different sensors to provide accurate real-time picture of the movements that occur in the waters of the Baltic Sea corresponding to Poland.

The staff working in these four centers have built on each of the ships information, being able to know your position, trajectory and destination charge. They also have different communications systems to contact them. The system can detect in advance any dangerous situation and coordinate the appropriate response, avoiding the risk of collision and environmental disasters.

In addition, 10 ports along Polish coast have this same iMARE solution. Thus they share with its center of maritime traffic control vision of what happens in waters managed.

To implement this system, Indra and Alcatel-Lucent has deployed a network composed of radar sensors, cameras, weather stations, finders (Radio Direction Finders) and an automatic vessel identification system (AIS) covering the entire coastline of country. Furthermore, the integrated database system sends information to the system SafeSeaNet European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA or European Maritime Safety Agency).

Indra has extensive experience in deploying vessels management systems ( VTMS or Vessel Traffic Management Systems ) and the implementation of electronic platforms for information management ports. In this sense, the ports of Southampton (UK), the Vitoria and Santos (Brazil), Mohammedia (Morocco) and Dakar (Senegal) are among those who have chosen Indra technology to improve their management.

Furthermore, Indra has an important leadership role in the deployment of coastal surveillance systems, with more than 5,000 km. protected borders worldwide. Much of the Spanish integrated outdoor surveillance system (SIVE) and covering the entire coast of Portugal have been deployed by Indra. Countries like Latvia, Romania and Hong Kong have also chosen technology company to protect its coast.

Finally, Indra has led the European R & D program of maritime surveillance Perseus , which involved 32 partners from 12 countries and on the development and testing of a common European maritime surveillance system and integrating it addressed the most advanced technologies.


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